Air Purification at Water Service Company Facilities

The expansion of major cities and the rising standard of living lead to high-density development and complaints from the population about the unpleasant odors produced by the enterprises that support the city's infrastructure: water service companies, landfills, disposal sites, waste recycling plants, etc. The unpleasant odors are caused by the malodorous substances discharged to the atmosphere (hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, mercaptans).

The specific nature of such substances is that people start to smell them when their concentration in the air is much lower than MAC*.

We have developed air-gas purification units that solve the odor problem for water service company facilities:
• Sewage pump stations (SPS)
• Sewage treatment facilities
• Local treatment facilities.

The application of Tion technology enables:
• Neutralization of harmful gases and unpleasant odors, thus solving the issue of the population complaining about odors
• Cleaning of air from hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, mercaptans
• Filtering of contaminations and inactivation (destruction) of microorganisms
• Real-time gas monitoring and control.

Tion SPS Advanced is a gas purification system for water service company and treatment plant facilities. Tion SPS Advanced is mounted in an exhaust or a separate ventilation channel to clean the exhaust or recirculating air. Mounting options: behind a false ceiling in a room, a separate vent chamber, or outdoors.

• An integrated air purification technology applied in the operator halls that purifies air discharged to the atmosphere ensures compliance with all sanitary regulations.
• After passing through the system the air becomes clean and free of malodorous substances: hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, mercaptans and coarse dust. Applying the Tion Advanced units in the outlets of ventilation systems prevents the sewage odor from being spreaded around a facility — at the boundary of a sanitary-protection zone with a concentration of malodorous substances below the human nose detection limit.
• Purifying the air below the MAC limits makes it possible to resize the sanitary-protection zone around a facility.
• The units are equipped with a function of remote air purification efficiency monitoring.
• The gas-purification unit is suitable for SPS's aggressive environment, because it is made of stainless corrosion-resistant steel and is equipped with droplet separators.
• The hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan removal efficiency is over 95% due to chemosorbents.