CO2+ Unit


CO2+ Unit

The CO2+ Unit extends and enhances the Tion MagicAir smart microclimate control system and works together with the Base Station. The Base Station controls all Breezers in your house, but monitors the environment only in the one room where it is installed. CO2+ Units gather the data on CO2 levels, humidity and temperature in the other rooms, and transfer the data to the Base Station, creating a smart microclimate system throughout the house.


  • Sensors for carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature
  • USB-cable and power socket adapter
  • Power: 5V, 1А
  • Net weight: 196 g
  • Dimensions (H*W*D): 100*100*27 mm

The CO2+ Unit allows the environment of each room to be adjusted separately, based on actual data on the air condition.


The CO2+ Unit provides detailed information about the air condition in rooms without the Base Station.


All data is instantly transmitted from the Unit to the Base Station, so you can set up automatic operation of all Breezers in all rooms.


With CO2+ Units, there is no need to equip each room with a separate Base Station – one per house is enough. This saves money and still provides full data about your home environment.

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CO2+ module measures carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity in the room with no MagicAir Base Station and transmits data to Base Station.
Tion Breezer 3S and Magicair system

1. The MagicAir Base Station is installed in an apartment and synchronized with all Breezers via the mobile app. In the app, you create an account for each room at a given site, i.e. "Home".

2. The CO2+ Unit is installed in a room where air quality monitoring is needed, controlling of the Breezer is required, but no Base Station is installed. The Unit is equipped with carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity sensors that read the data from the environment and transmit it to the Base Station.

3. Based on these data, the MagicAir Base station regulates Breezer operation and automatically maintains the user-defined microclimate parameters. The CO2+ Unit has no access to the Internet and communicates with the Base Station via radio channel.


The setup itself is quite simple. New rooms can be added in your smartphone app within an existing site, i.e. a room at home or a department at the office. The operation of Breezers in those rooms can now be adjusted automatically according to the desired parameters. Establishing a connection between the Unit and the Base Station is also very simple and takes just a few seconds.

MagicAir application for IOS and Android

Free mobile app IOS and Android compatible.


Anyone who has several rooms in an apartment and wants to control the environment of each room and adjust the home microclimate from a single user-friendly application or web interface

The owners of large private houses and country cottages. Using CO2+ units enables all the Breezers in a house to be controlled and the air quality to be monitored from a single Base Station

The owners of large offices. Using CO2+ units allows actual data on the air condition in all offices to be monitored, and the whole microclimate of the office to be adjusted from a single app.

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