Air Purification at Industrial Enterprises

Production processes at industrial enterprises are most typically associated with generation of toxic products: liquid, solid, and gaseous emissions. Industrial waste deteriorates not only the environmental situation but also can have a negative impact on industrial employees' health.

Special treatment facilities need to be employed for collection, inactivation and reduction of MAC down to the required level to make the industrial air quality to comply with all sanitary requirements.

Because of its own purification technology, Tion equipment solves the tasks associated with industrial air purification, especially:
• Protection of employees from industrial air contaminations
• Neutralization of harmful gases and unpleasant odors
• Purification of air from toxic substances
• Filtering of contaminations and inactivation (destruction) of microorganisms
• Real-time air quality monitoring and control

Pharmaceutics and Biological Laboratories

Critical Operations Protection in Manufacture of Medical Drugs

Unidirectional air flow devices are used to protect critical operations, such as filling and capping, from aerial contaminations. A laminar ceiling or a cell are built into the inflow ventilation channel directly into the ceiling above the working zone, thus continuous unidirectional, sterile, purified air flow is supplied. The device should provide efficient air purification and decontamination in a range of at least 99% at the unit outlet (requirements for class A as per SP 2.1.3678-20). The laminar field area in the device is selected according to the area of working zone at clean production.
Equipment: Tion В Lam-М1 (600х600х400mm) and Tion В Lam-М2 (1200×600х400mm) laminar cells;
Tion В Lam-2 laminar ceiling (1800х1000х400mm); for low ceilings: Tion В Lam-2 H290 (1800х1000х290mm)

Inflow Air Decontamination and Purification

The inflow air is supplied to the assistant, defect detection, primary processing and filling, seaming and marking control, sterilization-autoclave and distillation rooms through a ventilation system with efficient air decontamination and purification in a range of at least 95% at the unit outlet (requirements for class B as per SP 2.1.3678-20). Since the air exchange rates are low and do not exceed 4 times, in case of small rooms up to 50m2 in area it can be expedient to install a compact inflow ventilation system (without laying of air ducts) with air purification instead of cantral ventilation.
Central inflow ventilation equipment: Tion B channel decontaminant air purifiers, floor standing or wall-mounted (performance from 300 to 900m3/h) and Tion B devices (performance from 2000 to 3000m3/h); Tion B floor standing (performance from 300 to 2400m3/h) and Tion B (performance from 2000 to 25,000m3/h).

Indoor Air Purification and Decontamination

To reduce the bacterial content and increase the air exchange rate, it is recommended to install autonomous decontaminant air purifiers with F9 filtration class as a minimum and in-filter microorganism inactivation of at least 95%.
Equipment: Tion A decontaminant air purifier, portable and wall-mounted models.

Meeting the Air Exchange Rate and Air Purity Standards

In pharmacy rooms (control-analysis, wash, unpacking rooms, as well as stock storage rooms) air purity norms are not regulated, however the air exchange rates are arrlicable. They are achieved by installing a central inflow exhaust ventilation system or, if it is impossible or unavailable, by installing a compact inflow ventilation system with air purification in each separate room.

Equipment: Tion B120 and Tion B140 inflow ventilation system with air purification function.

Food Production

Critical Operations Protection in Food Production

Local clean areas under ISO 5 class need to be arranged to protect critical operations such as aseptic production of food products and filling of drinks, including those in the diary and meat processing industry. For this purpose, it is necessary to use air purification equipment (for example, laminar cells that are built into the suspended ceiling) supplying unidirectional vertical air flow with H14 filtration class as a minimum and decontamination and inactivation of microorganisms to the MAC level of microbial contamination within clean areas. This will make it possible to prevent product contamination from air and to ensure proper safety and quality of finished products.
Equipment: Tion B Lam-М1 laminar cells (600х600х400mm), Tion В Lam-М2 laminar cells (1200×600х400mm)

Air Decontamination and Purification in Ventilation Systems to Protect Product Containers, Raw Stock, Production and Storage

Mechanical ventilation systems also servicing the auxiliary areas of clean food production, where the container filling, transportation and other production stages are carried out, should be also provided with decontamination and purification of inflow air from harmful substances, dust in accordance with: Heating, Ventilation and Conditioning. H-11-H13 filtration class is recommended (ISO 6 class for surrounding areas, ISO 7, ISO 8 for auxiliary areas). For this purpose, integrated purification units are built into the inflow ventilation system and air passes through the filtration and decontamination system, and is supplied into a room through ceiling air distributors. Thus, filling, packing operations and storage of finished products and raw stock are protected from contamination from air.
Equipment: for the inflow channel: Tion Eco channel decontaminant air purifiers (performance from 400 to 27,500m3/h); for purification of contaminated emissions from the exhaust channel: Tion Ext channel air purifiers (performance from 400 to 27,500 m3/h).

Reducing the Bacterial Level in Naturally Ventilated Rooms

It is expedient to use bactericidal air purifiers (decontaminant air purifiers) to protect small-sized rooms where there is no ventilation system (laboratory rooms, etc.) with air purification from biological contamination from the air. Those air purifiers are efficient within the raw stock processing and container shops, raw stock and finished product warehouses to prevent premature ripening of vegetables and fruits.
Equipment: 2003Tion A bactericidal air purifier (up to 150m3/h, H11 filtration class, 99.9% decontamination, air purification to the MAC limits); for additional ventilation of rooms: Tion B120 and Tion B140 compact inflow ventilation with air decontamination and purification (up to 140m3/h, HEPA air purification class, and climate control).


The development of microelectronic technologies leads to an increase in demand for highly efficient air purification systems that deal with fine dust often containing metal inclusions, bacteria, and harmful gases.

The air purity in the microelectronic industry is stipulated by high requirements for the air contents at production areas because the feature size of chips reduces the product sensitivity threshold. Success of the process operations mainly depends on the air content in rooms where they occur as even one finest particle may cause a defect in product and reduce its efficiency.

Production areas are equipped with highly sensitive air quality monitoring equipment to increase the output percentage of serviceable products.

Tion developed a complex of clean areas to keep production areas in sterile conditions with high air purity requirements. Tion solution will help make products more reliable and reduce the number of rejected products.

Nuclear Industry

For the nuclear industry we offer our solutions in developing complexes of clean rooms. It is especially required for launching and upgrade of production facilities dealing with radiopharmaceutical agents where it is necessary to follow the GPM standards (good manufacturing practice). In addition, our clean room complexes will be suitable for classified rooms and process lines to comply with nuclear and radiation standards.