Simple solution for arranging ventilation without air duct laying It helps to provide air exchange in compliance with standards Controlled air heating with climate control It not only disinfects the air but also cleans it Several times cheaper than central ventilation

Tion В120 working principle

In the operating mode with an open shutter (1), the air is supplied from outside through the air intake port to the device. The shutter prevents the cold air from penetrating into the premise when the device is off.

Then the air is preliminarily cleaned from dust, fuzz, allergens on basic filter (2) of class F5, is heated up to the temperature set by the user with the help of a heater with climate control (3).

Then the air is disinfected from microorganisms and mold spores, and is cleaned from fine contamination particles while passing through a high-efficiency HEPA filter (4) of E11 (H11) class.

At the last stage the air is cleaned on the adsorption-catalytic filter (5) from odours and harmful substances up to the average MPC level and is supplied to the premise through the fan section (6) and the device outlet bar.

The control is provided by means of control buttons with LC interface. A remote controller (7) allows for comfortable use of the device.

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Устройство Напольно-подвесной Tion Eco Напольно-подвесной Tion Eco Напольный Tion Eco
напольно-подвесной напольно-подвесной напольно-подвесной
400-1000м3/ч 2200-3300м3/ч 4400-27500м3/ч
G4+H11(95%) G4+H11(95%) G4+H11(95%)
99,9% 99,9% 99,9%
90% 90% 90%
100/150Па 285/350Па 285/350Па
1 год 1 год 1 год
5 лет 5 лет 5 лет
ФСР 2010/07645 ФСР 2010/07645 ФСР 2010/07645

Compare with other air supply devices

Standards regulate the minimum air recycling rate in premises. Centralized forced-type ventilation is usually installed in medical facilities for air recycling. This takes a long time and is expensive and sometimes impossible. The use of forced-type disinfecting cleaners Tion B120 allows for the required air recycling rate and the degree of air cleaning in the premise with cleanroom classes C or D, while saving time and money.

Example of furnishing of a hospital with 100 wards Ventilation Tion B120 Central ventilation
Time No design,
installation in 1 hour
Design, installation
and capital renovations for at least 6 months

Selection and installation of Tion B120


One device is sufficient for the area of up to 20 m2 with 2 people staying (on the basis of 60 m3 per person) for wards and offices of medical facilities. It is better to install Tion B120 near a window sill, near a radiator or near a window where there is sufficient space for its installation (height 511 × width 451 × depth 163 mm). A remote controller allows suspending the device under the ceiling.


An end-to-end channel 112 mm in diameter is produced in the wall. On one side it reaches the street, and on the side of the premise it fits into a port in the device. A diamond drilling device with a vacuum cleaner is used: not much dust will be produced during installation. Then the air intake channel is heat- and noise-insulated and a decorative bar is installed from the outside.


Tion O2 is fixed to the wall with the help of a mounting template and hardware delivered together with the device and is connected to the 220 V electrical socket.
Important! When installation is completed please make sure it was done properly.
The device shall bear against the wall tightly; there shall be no gaps allowing for air inflow to the premise.

Parameters and price of Tion B120

Air inflow: 30/50/65/120 m3/h
Air heating with climate control
Area serviced: up to 20m2
Disinfection at least 95%
Class of filtration: F7+H11(95%)
Gas cleaning up to MPC norms
Noise level min: 30 dBA
Energy demand: 18 W / 1.45 kW
Remote control panel
Size HхWхD: 511х451х163 mm
Weight: 8.5 kg
Warranty: 1 year

Completing units

Basic filter F7
High-efficiency HEPA H11 filter
Adsorption-catalytic filter
Remote controller
Mounting template
Mounting set

Maintenance of Tion B120

The forced-type disinfecting device Tion B120 can be maintained unassisted. Three filters should be replaced when clogged: basic, high-efficiency and adsorption-catalytic.

The basic F7 class filter

The basic F7 class filter

The basic F7 class filter captures the particles more than 3 microns in size: coarse and medium dust, fuzz, coarse and medium plant pollen, fungi/mold spores, and bacteria.
Frequency of replacement – once a year.

High-efficiency HEPA filter

High-efficiency HEPA filter

The HEPA-filter H11 captures fine dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold fungi with the effectiveness above 95% (MPPS effectiveness, %).
Frequency of replacement – once in two years.

The adsorption-catalytic filter

The adsorption-catalytic filter

The adsorption-catalytic filter of the forced-type disinfecting cleaner Tion O2 cleans the air from gases: outside exhaust gases, smoke, smog, and odours.
Frequency of replacement – once a year.