Tion Clever

Air cleaning and disinfection device

The Tion Clever device kills microorganisms, makes the air healthy, and protects you from a variety of potentially dangerous contaminants, including allergens, fine dust, and bacteria. Tion Clever is compatible with MagicAir can be controlled from a smartphone.

No diseases

Due to the inactivation feature, viruses and allergens are captured inside Tion Clever and completely destroyed.

No allergy

Due to the special design and high capacity of the filters, Tion Clever captures several times more allergens than most other air cleaners

Full protection

Integrated purification technology. The air is cleaned not only of dust, allergens, and viruses, but also of hazardous gases and odors.


Clever MAC

Clever MAC
  • Filters: G4+HEPA+AC against gases
  • Air disinfection
  • Inactivation/destruction of viruses
  • Protection from hazardous gases according to the MPC standards.
  • Filter replacement indication, remote controller
  • Wall placement
  • MagicAir Compatible

Clever MAC-M

Clever MAC-M
  • Filters: G4+HEPA+AC against gases
  • Air disinfection
  • Inactivation/destruction of viruses
  • Protection from hazardous gases according to the MPC standards.
  • Filter replacement indication, remote controller
  • Movable device (wheeled base)
  • MagicAir Compatible


The MagicAir base station measures the air quality, transmits the data to the mobile app, and manages the air Tion Clever cleaning and disinfection device.

Tion Clever Mac and Magicair system


Tion Clever MAC air purifier is connected to Magicair Base Station and can be operated with your smartphone.

Tion Clever Mac and Magicair system

1. Establish connection between your Tion Clever and MagicAir Base Station. Now you have full information on the device’s operation in the palm of your hand!

2. Set power on/off time and Base Station will turn the device on and off accordingly.

3. Guide Tion Clever MAC air purifier as you want with manual control via smartphone.


Use free mobile application or MagicAir web interface to control your Tion Clever. The interface allows easy and fast connection and setup!

MagicAir application for IOS and Android
Web interface MagicAir for PC users

Free mobile app IOS and Android compatible

Web interface for PC users.


Tion Clever filtration


In combination with an electrostatic unit, these filters provide protection from dust, viruses, and allergens with HEPA H10 grade efficiency. Due to the inactivation feature, the bulk HEPA filters are permanently sterile.

Adsorption-catalytic filters

Provide effective air cleaning from gases, harmful substances and odors. Totally decompose the ozone produced by an electrostatic unit for decontamination, and turn it into oxygen.

Electrostatic unit

Ionizes the particles and microorganisms for reliable absorption on the fibers of bulk HEPA filters. Produces ozone for inactivation (destruction) of the captured viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Pre-filter G4

Captures the larger particles (coarse dust, hair, etc.) with the G4 grade filtration efficiency, thus increasing the service life of the other components of the filtration system.


Capture and kill

Most air cleaners capture viruses and bacteria, but do not kill them. Microorganisms can survive and spawn on the filters. Tion Clever not only captures, but also kills the hazardous microorganisms.

Real efficiency

Many infections have become resistant to UV disinfection: they can mutate and become even more dangerous. Tion Clever inactivates (destroys) all types of viruses, bacteria and allergens. The efficiency of the technology has been confirmed by scientific research.

Safe for kids

The device does not contain UV lamps or mercury, does not emit harmful irradiation. It is totally safe for children and can work 24/7 in the presence of people. The filters are sterile and do not require special disposal.

Money-saving filters

The capacity of the Tion Clever bulk HEPA filters is 8-10 times higher than that of the regular HEPA filters. The period of effective work is longer, and filter replacement is required less often, 1-2 times per year.

Energy-saving technology

The device has a low power consumption — just 25 W/h (about 50 RUR/month). By comparison, an air cleaning and disinfection device with one UV-lamp consumes 6-8 times more power.

User-friendly app

Connect Tion Clever to the smart microclimate system MagicAir and control it using a free mobile app. Use your smartphone as a remote controller or create a schedule for automatic operation of the device. The app will show the device status and remind you to replace filters.

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