How to become a partner?

Promotional materials for dealers.

Dear colleagues, we are pleased to invite you for cooperation!

TION team comprises of experts with high competence and wide experience in air treatment, with multiple projects of different scale and complexity successfully fulfilled over the past 10 years. TION solutions include air purification systems for various industries, including medical sector, as well as consumer products for home and office use.

As we expand globally and enter new markets we invite companies to join our Partner network to provide high-efficiency air treatment products and solution for local customers.

We are happy to consider the following collaboration options:

  1. Distribution of existing Tion products and solutions on the local market.
    This includes co-branding for successful and easy promotion of Tion products via Partner network.
  2. Distribution of Partner products and solutions via Tion online store, as well as retail and Partner networks.
    This also includes integration of Partner products into MagicAir smart microclimate control system.
  3. Integration of Partner products into MagicAir eco-system to provide complete solutions to local customers, which include real time microclimate monitoring and automated system control.

Here in Tion we believe that successful Partnership starts with sharing the common goals.
If you are interested in expanding your business and offering new features and benefits to your customers we would like to hear from you and see you as our Partner!

To contact Tion team and send your inquiries, questions, suggestions and feedback please kindly click here.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Tion Team